Clearing the confusion: TN-C menus in ARK

scunnyemce Jan 15, 2013

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    With the release of ARK, we have been seeing more and more questions which basically tell us that many users are having trouble using other menus in ARK. Today I will explain why TN-C menus will not work as is in ARK and I will also answer some questions that I am seeing all too often.
    Why TN-C’s menus will not work in ARK

    There have been changes in the API for ARK. Due to these changes, we can’t just run a TN-C menu in ARK. It is necessary to port them over, so to be able to use any menu except yMenu or pyMenu, you will have to wait until the menu is ported

    Does ark support Pro online?

    PRO Online only worked on PSP-2000 and PSP-3000 which had more enough RAM available. The PSP emulator emulates a PSP-1000. Coldbird had been working on a version of PRO for the PSP-1000 which used the extra 4 mb of Volatile RAM, after he quit all that work and our hopes for PRO Online on the Vita were lost.
    PSX Sound support

    Although Acid_Snake has already answered this question, I have seen many people who still do not understand. The simplest way to put this is that the PSX emulator that Sony has made for the PSVita is separate from the PSX emulator in ARK, there is a completely separate emulator which runs PSX games bought from the PSN store, because Sony coded it and they had complete access to the hardware without limitations, it supports sound:
    PSVita -> PSOne emulator
    The ARK psx emulator runs within the PSP emulator, that is:
    PSVita -> PSP Emulator -> ARK -> POPS emulator(PSP Version)
    They are both different, that is why we cannot compare the ARK PSX emulator and the PSVita PSX emulator.
    Is ark better than tn-c?

    This is one question which has been asked many times. The simple answer is that neither is better nor worse. They are both eCFW’s and have their own abilities. Which one you use depends on what you need:
    If you want to run CSO’s/ISO’s at a good speed then you should go for ARK because it has been designed to run CSO’s as fast as ISO’s
    If you care more about stability then TN-C is probably the way to go for now. TN eCFW has been revised 3 times, it is very stable.

    Hopefully this has solved most of your queries.

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