CEX Already Selling Dis-Kinected Xbox One Bundles £315

Bullet May 31, 2014

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    Have you been patiently waiting to get a 'Dis-Kinected' Xbox One bundle on June the 9th? Well the wait is over if you head over to your local CEX store you can pick up an Xbox One bundle without the Kinect for £315.

    The store has 3 separate listings on its website selling the Dis-kinected bundles as boxed, unboxed and discounted, its unclear what the discounted bundles are though.

    Xbox One 500GB (No Kinect), Discounted £315
    Xbox One 500GB (No Kinect), Unboxed £325
    Xbox One 500GB (No Kinect), Boxed £340

    The official Xbox One bundle does not release until the 9th of June and will have a RRP of £349 which suggests that CEX are removing the Kinects themselves and selling the consoles? Either way this is a great deal!

    Check out the bundles here

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