Castle Crasher Weapon Modding

Vash The Stampede Jul 24, 2013

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    hey guys i'm here to share with you on how to get every weapon in the game with out that much effort

    the things your going to need
    offset finder (aka peek poker,trainer tool etc)
    a save that has the black smith
    the very first sword in the black smith

    okay lets get started

    first your going to head over to the blacksmith and take the first sword shown here

    once you get that head over to home castle once inside walk the the stairs till you see a pitch fork
    as shown here


    okay this part is how you get your weapon or weapons you want to unlock

    open up your trainer i will be using trainer tool your going to connect your xbox to your pc
    once your connected select 16 bit and 32 bit then press begin search once if has found something search the number 2<--- this is the code of the first weapon in the blacksmith
    now what your are going to do is pick up the pitchfork once you picked it up go back to the trainer
    and enter 20 as your next scan that's the code of the pitchfork then pick up the sword
    go back and scan 2 once you done that you should get 2-4 offsets left you going to change a code of the 32 bit's then your going to go back into the game swing your sword if the weapon changes thats your offset

    (P.S Make Sure your use the first weapon in the black smith)

    here are the codes for the weapons

    2 Skinny Sword
    3 Thin Sword
    4 Thick Sword
    5 Pumpkin Peeler
    6 Gladiator Sword
    7 Butcher Knife
    8 Utility Blade
    9 Carrot
    10 Thief Sword
    11 Holy Sword
    12 two pronged sword
    13 Zigzag
    14 Hole Sword
    15 Saracen Sword
    16 Pointy Sword
    17 Chewed Up Sword
    18 fencers foil
    19 barbarian axe
    20 pitchfork
    21 curved sword
    22 key sword
    23 apple peeler
    24 rubber handle sword
    25 mace
    26 club
    27 ugly mace
    28 refined mace
    29 fish
    30 wrapped sword
    31 Skeletor Mace
    32 Clunky Mace
    33 snakey mace
    34 rat beating bat
    35 black morning star
    36 kings mace
    37 meat tenderizer
    38 leaf
    39 sheathed sword
    40 practice foil
    41 twig
    42 leafy twig
    43 light saber
    44 staff
    45 Wooden Spoon
    46 Bone Leg
    47 Alien Gun
    48 fishing spear
    49 lance
    50 sai
    51 Unicorn Horn
    52 Ribeye
    53 Kielbasa
    54 Lobster
    55 umbrella
    56 broad axe
    57 evil sword
    58 Ice Sword
    59 Candlestick
    60 panic mallet
    61 Fishing Rod
    62 Wrench
    63 lollipop
    64 gold skull mace
    65 NG golden sword
    66 chainsaw
    67 broad spear
    68 glowstick
    69 chicken
    70 demon sword
    71 broccoli
    72 man catcher
    73 Wooden Mace
    74 Ninja Claw
    75 buffalo mace
    76 electric eel
    77 scissors
    78 dinner fork
    79 cattle prod
    80 Lightning Bolt
    81 2x4 sword
    82 wooden sword
    83 cardboard tube
    85 Hammer

    If anyone needs help just ask

    *uploading video later tonight or tomorrow*

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