Call Of Duty Sytle Exosuit Approved By US Goverment

Bullet Jul 2, 2014

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    Three years ago Sledgehammer Games began researching the 'Exoskeleton' which features in the studios upcoming title Call Of Duty Advanced: Warfare. The Exosuit in the game gives soldiers super abilities that they wouldn't normally have and the research for the suit was based on the advancements being made in prosthetics, for both military and civilian application.

    "Research for the exoskeleton design in Call of Duty: ‪#‎AdvancedWarfare‬ began at our studio nearly three years ago. The team started seeing the advancements in prosthetics, both for military and civilian application, and imagined how this technology could aid the Tier 1 soldier of the future." Says Sledgehammer Games on Facebook.

    Three years later and the FDA has approved a Call Of Duty style Exosuit that will help paraplegics to walk again which has been named the 'ReWalk' created by a company that has provided powered exoskeletons for individuals with spinal cord injuries since 2011.

    Dr Amit Goffer, the inventor of the ReWalk explains how the system works in an interview with Huffington post saying: “The person walks the system, the system does not walk them. The users are in control — when they want to sit, they sit, when then want to stand and walk, they do so,”

    In Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, players wear an exosuit that give them super abilities like enhanced strength, increased dexterity, super jump and more.
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