Call Of Duty Ghosts: Stability Patch Causes Stability Issues

Bullet Feb 9, 2014

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    The Xbox One version of Call of Duty: Ghosts recently had a patch that was supposed to fix stability issues but instead has caused problems with performance.
    The patch was released alongside the "Onslaught" DLC and was said to create a "more stable" and "fairer" online experience that is better suited for tournament play.

    Digital Foundry have highlighted the issues by measuring the frame rate differences before and after the new patch and the results are interesting:

    "Kicking off with a look at Stonehaven, it's immediately obvious that things are not quite right. While the game does indeed hit 60fps in this stage, frame-rates are dramatically impacted when the whole level is in view, with metrics varying between 46-60fps as we run across the landscape. As frame-rates fall below the desired 60fps target, we also see the appearance of some screen-tear, adding some judder, making drops in smoothness more noticeable.

    Meanwhile, aiming down the barrel of a sniper scope can see significant drops down as far as the mid-30s - something we never encountered before in ether next-gen version of Ghosts during multiplayer. As a result of the fluctuating frame-rate we can feel a clear reduction in the responsiveness of the controls, while on a visual level the introduction of stutter impacts the smooth flow traditionally associated with Call of Duty multiplayer action.

    On the handful of other maps we tried - both on the standard levels and in the Onslaught DLC - the drops in performance are far less severe, with momentary dips occurring during more hectic moments of play or when explosions and alpha effects are rendered on screen. Controller response is much more solid, and we don't get the feeling that gameplay has been compromised to anywhere near the same extent as we saw on Stonehaven - the experience remains mostly smooth, even though there's a distinct feeling that things aren't quite as stable as they were before the latest patch was installed."

    Activision have yet to comment on the issues, let us know what you think, have you noticed a major difference in gameplay since the latest patch?

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