Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Overview

Bullet May 13, 2014

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    It seems the trend of receiving a new Call of Duty game every single year will continue in 2014 for as well since Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare is the newest addition to the Call of Duty franchise that was recently announced and is managing to pick up some real hype as we get closer to its release date on 4th November 2014.

    Now, the franchise had some great times but the fans have recently become quite disappointed over how the new Call of Duty games are turning out. Call of Duty Ghosts was quite honestly one of the least interesting games I’ve played in the franchise. After that game I hoped that the next game would have at least a two year gap before it gets released but that is not the case since we’re getting Advanced Warfare this year.
    It’s not necessarily all bad though, from what we’ve seen of it until now, Advanced Warfare has been showing some real promise. The first thing that points to this is that it’s being developed by sledgehammer games who were the co-developers of Modern Warfare 3 which was actually a pretty amazing game, sledgehammer games isn’t afraid of trying out new things either so we may see the gameplay formula of Advanced Warfare take a on a bunch of changes which is definitely much needed as we’ve seen the same gameplay over and over again and it’s time for something unique and innovative to be added to the franchise.


    It seems to have become some sort of trend with Call of Duty that if you run out of fresh ideas for the next game then you can just introduce a celebrity into it to build up massive amounts up hype and Advanced Warfare will live up to that trend by featuring Kevin Spacey. The answer to whether or not this is a good question is still up in the air though.


    Perhaps one of the main things that differentiate Advanced Warfare from previous releases is the addition of those badass EXO suits which allow you to run faster, jump higher and make you much stronger and general but let’s just hope that they remain consistent throughout the game instead of just having their 15 minutes of fame and then never being seen again.
    All things considered, it’s still a bit early to draw conclusions about the newest addition to the Call of Duty franchise but fans are definitely hoping for something fresh this year.

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    I think there ruining cod

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    cant wait for the game. just hope they not messed it up

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