Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare Official Site Reveals New Info

Bullet May 3, 2014

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    The new Call Of Duty Advanced Warfare website is now live and reveals some new information about the game developed by Sledegehammer games.
    This will be the first Call of Duty in the series that will have a 3 years of all next-gen focused development cycle:

    Looking at the list of platforms the game will release on shows that there will be no Wii U version, the only versions that are listed on the pre-order screen are Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS4,PS3 and PC. We can only assume that the Wii u version will follow on after the release of the primary listed consoles as that is what happened with previous call of duty versions.

    There are some new screenshots on the site which show of the games amazing detialing and textures, although these do not actually appear to be in 1080p:

    Advanced Arsenal:


    Advanced World:


    Advanced Soldier:


    Click on the images to view full size

    So what do you think. are you excited for this Call Of Duty or do you think this will be 'just another COD' let me know your thoughts below...

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