Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Could Add Vehicles to Multiplayer

Bullet Jul 9, 2014

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    Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare is certainly trying to set itself apart from the type of gameplay we are used to seeing from the Call Of Duty franchise. We have already seen the 'Exoskelton' that will improve the players battle readiness according to Sledgehammer Games, as well as" enabling combatants to deploy with an advanced lethality and eliminating the need for specialization."

    Advanced warfare also features some futuristic weaponry such as the EM1 Quantum which uses battery-powered technology, essentially providing an infinite amount of ammunition for the player.
    We are also seeing evidence of a new tech available to players now in the form of 'Hoverbikes'.

    Sledgehammer have recently tweeted "Combat zone getting too hot? Get on the Hoverbike, @SHGames' take on urban transportation in the year 2054:

    This isn't strictly a new concept of course because players could drive vehicles in multiplayer games in Call of Duty 2 and 3 as well as World at War. The hoverbike might be unlocked for a killstreak or some other aspect of an online match but it's unclear how exactly vehilces will be implemented into the game and balance will be very important. Maybe the vehicle will be limited to campaign mode or spec ops either way, what are your thoughts on having this Halo style vehicle/weapon in Call Of Duty?
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