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    Gear up, soldiers, we’re taking the fight straight to them. Invasion, the third downloadable content pack for Call of Duty®: Ghosts, is now available for the Xbox One and Xbox 360. Invasion introduces Awakening, the third episode in the epic Extinction saga.


    Extinction Double XP

    To celebrate the release of Episode 3: Awakening, we’re activating Extinction Double XP for all platforms starting Friday, June 6th through Monday, June 9th. Rank up while exploring the depths of the Cryptid underworld and start working through those new prestige levels.

    New Threats Abound

    The Cryptids won’t take lightly to the CIF team’s offense. You’d better be ready to fight and adapt, because Awakening brings more threats than ever before. Some new challenges to look forward to include:

    Divebombers: Fragile yet extremely dangerous, these flying aliens charge straight at you and detonate in a massive, high-damage explosion. Keep your eyes to the sky and take these bombers out ASAP.

    Gargoyle: A more robust aerial threat, Gargoyles possess high health and deal heavy-hitting attacks with their deadly tails. They attack from the air or while on the ground. Call out their position to avoid getting trapped in close quarters.

    Mammoth: Heavily armored, the Mammoth is a ground-based behemoth that burrows underground and emerges near players, pounding the ground for area damage. To make matters worse, they occasionally call for aid by summoning deadly Hunters. And you thought Rhinos were bad. Tanks to the front during skirmishes with these hulking terrors.

    Hostile Plant Life: Even their environment is against you. While the Cipher is at work decoding Awakening’s strange messages, hostile plants will spawn that damage and disorient players that get too close. Watch where you’re going or pay the price.

    More Relics to Crank Up the Challenge

    For the bold and reckless, Awakening introduces 5 new Relics, each adding a 20% multiplier to your score.

    Fragile: Slow health regen, no regeneration while sprinting. Fall damage enabled.
    Stand Your Ground: Move slower, and no reloading while sprinting.
    No Machines: No Equalizers or Strike Packages available.
    Limited Ammo: Less ammo from ammo crates and weapon pickups.
    Earn Your Keep: No Ammo Type or Team Support items available to drop or pick up. No crafting or scavenging.

    Once you’ve mastered the new challenges and intricacies of Episode 3, start experimenting with these Relics for a huge boost to your match score, not to mention the chance for extra Teeth.

    Additional Prestige Levels & Armory Upgrades

    Episode 3 introduces five more prestige levels, as well as some new goodies from the Armory, including:

    Keep Valid Attachments: Attachments transfer to purchased weapons if valid for the new weapon.
    Magnum ACOG: Start the level with an ACOG scope on your Magnum pistol.
    No Snare: Hunters and Seekers no longer slow your movement speed on attack.
    IMS Fast Trigger: The IMS more quickly detects and attacks nearby Cryptids.
    IMS Flaming Pools: IMS explosions leave lingering fire pools.


    Episode 3: Awakening is included with Invasion, the third downloadable content pack for Call of Duty: Ghosts. Along with Awakening, Invasion introduces four new multiplayer maps with Pharaoh, Departed, Mutiny, and Favela.

    Invasion is available first on Xbox Live this Tuesday, June 3rd, 2014, with other platforms to follow.

    Good luck!



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