C4Eva iXtreme LT+ 21-11-2010 Updates

madasahat Nov 21, 2010

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    >> Latest updates about the upcoming iXtreme LT+ modified DVD FW from C4Eva on #[email protected] (IRC-transcripts):

    [******] does anythign special need done to AP 2.5 isos before burning
    [c4eva] ******:yes, they will need the new ap25 ss for lt+
    [******] So with the new dash just having the flash will put you at risk even if the copy of the game is the original
    [c4eva] ******:eek:rig is fine
    [******] +c4eva: i know you may not know the answer, or may not even want to answer this. But, do you think we will need to do a hardware mod (cut traces etc) for slim drives, including 0225? there are a few$
    [c4eva] ******:0225 is special!
    [*******] c4eva: benq lt+ will be out same time as liteon one?
    [c4eva] *******:yes
    [c4eva] liteon will be finished today and be given to testers!
    [***] c4eva: beta testing wont be as lenghty as for lt will it?
    [c4eva] no
    [*****] just wondering if the ap 2.5 only on thoses games with that dash or any game tryin to boot with that dash
    [c4eva] *****:eek:nly those 3 games so far! [note x-s: Fable 3, Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood and Need For Speed:Hot Pursuit]
    [c4eva] new abgx will verify ap25 ss!
    [******] you know, you could just not care about XBL, then ap25 has no effect on you =D
    [c4eva] ******:if on latest dash,ap25 will still stop backups working offline!
    [*******] will new 0800 firmware support samsung-ms25/28?
    [c4eva] *******:not to begin with!
    [*******] c4 can i swap my liteon for a sammy and play ap 2.5 games i dont care about banning
    [c4eva] *******:no, need liteon lt+!
    [********] c4eva: Any complications with LT+ testing so far?
    [c4eva] ********:none!
    [*********] c4eva, is Jungleflasher where you want your donations to go?
    [c4eva] *********:yes
    [********] c4eva: Anything to expect in a near future for the lite-on found in the Slim units?
    [c4eva] ********:havent worked on slim for awhile, thats next!
    [c4eva] its all good,sooner rather than later!
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    I already posted this mate along with vids of LT+ being tested on hot pursuit

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