C4E Confirms New AP2.5 Checks on New Dashboard with New Games

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    Here's a chatlog from C4E about the new protections ["AP2.5 Checks"] added to the (beta/leaked) fall 2010 dashboard with new games:

    [c4eva] New AP25 checks confirmed on new dash with fable 3, LT+ coming for required drives with SSv3 and anti AP25 included!
    [c4eva] there are 5 ap25 checks done when xex is launched!
    [c4eva] samsung doesnt have ap25
    [c4eva] 360s LT+ will include this now
    [c4eva] samsung and some old hitachi dont have ap25
    [c4eva] samsung wont do ap25, it will be skipped (safe)
    [c4eva] they will detect your drive changing to a samsung! [if you spoof to Samsung]
    [c4eva] confirmation will need to be done on released retail kinect dash!
    [c4eva] at this point, only new games check ap25!
    [c4eva] kreon=fail!

    The new final fall2010 dashboard is still expected to hit retail consoles on or before Nov 4th (Kinect release date).
    News-Source: #[email protected][​IMG]</img>[​IMG]</img>

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