Bungie will be adding ‘The Iron Banner’ to the Destiny beta, starts July 19th at 2pm PDT and lasts f

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    Bungie will be adding ‘The Iron Banner’ to the Destiny beta, starts July 19th at 2pm PDT and lasts for two hours

    Bungie’s newest weekly update has revealed what Bungie is doing tomorrow, July 19th during the beta. The Iron Banner, it’s called, and from 2pm PDT till 4pm PDT on July 19th it’ll be active. During this time, the two other Crucible Maps – Rusted Lands & Blind Watch – will be active in the Crucible.

    Welcome to The Iron Banner. Lord Shaxx isn’t the only legendary Guardian tasked with hammering you into fighting shape. When the time comes, new doors will open in the Tower. The Iron Banner crest will be set alight, and Lord Saladin will emerge with new challenges to overcome, and a new way to earn honor and glory for your Guardian.

    The Crucible proper is all about putting your skills to the test. Iron Banner requires another crucial element: Power.

    Lars Bakken knows a thing or two about competitive play: “Bring your absolute best gear because we turn on Level Advantages. That means your Attack and Defense ratings matters in Iron Banner matches.”

    We’re not just giving you new ways to play. We’re expanding on the arenas where you’ll fight. “Two maps get added into the new playlist,” says Lars. “The fan favorite Rusted Lands returns from the Alpha, and we take you to Mars for the first time ever with Blind Watch. Iron Banner is the ONLY way to see these maps in the Beta.”

    New maps are not the only reward for your bravery in this new competitive construct. According to Designer Leif Johansen, “Iron Banner has limited time rewards, so show up with your ‘A’ game. Losing a match may make the difference between getting that bad ass Assault Rifle or not.”


    Lord Saladin will be at the Tower to greet you into the Iron Banner.

    Lord Saladin will be waiting. Before you enter his domain, heed this final warning from Lars: “Get ready to kick ass. You will be tested here unlike anywhere else in the Beta.”

    The Iron Banner begins on Saturday, July 19th at 2pm PDT. It will remain open for two hours. Every Guardian will receive a message when the Tower doors that lead to Lord Saladin open for the first time. Every Guardian will need to be ready.


    Source: thedestinyblog

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