Brute Force error file key has fail account.dat

Philminator Aug 25, 2014

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    Aug 24, 2014
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    Hey, after hours of ****in around with D3 editor and bruteforce I am finding out I think why my stuff doesn't save over to bruteforce from the editor. As soon as I make one simple change on the D3 editor I get this error on bruteforce when I verify PDF

    #001 (ACCOUNT.DAT):
    [*] Entry Index: 1
    [*] File Key Hash: FAIL

    everything else in the verify PDF says OK. Is this why my characters and everything don't seem to update on the bruteforce when I save all on D3 editor? hopefully someone can tell me who to fix this error.
    I managed to rebuild and encrypt it and it says ok but the changes I make in diablo 3 editor don't update to bruteforce. I'm really lost :(

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