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Borderlands 2 Review By Sickmods

Sickmods Sep 16, 2012

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    Sep 10, 2012
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    The game Starts off with a little 5 minute video introduction of whats happening on Pandora. For once a beginning video is not boring shows off each character and there skills. Theres four character you can choose from Zer0 the Assassin ( i chose him ) the sniping or slitting throats , Axton Commando duck and cover kind of guy , Maya Siren Badass powers , Salvador Gunzerker the bigger the guns the better. i started the game with Zer0 as he looks badass and i like the his little part in the video which automatically made me choose him. you can also Customize your character but they look the best the way there made already. So far for only pay for 10 minutes the game is great id give it a 9.5/10... graphics are amazing.

    Been playing now for a couple of hours and this can is awsome. I'm level 8 so far. The guns are a lot better in this one

    ill be updating this thread the more i play
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    The intro is a killer becuase you cant skip it, but once you finally get into the game its actually really good.

    If im honest i wasnt really expecting much from it, however its pretty addictive.
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