Blitz The League 2 (Need HELP!!!!)

MCCK Aug 22, 2014

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    So i have asked around on other forums (sites i will not name) and NO ONE seems to either know or want to help... I am just looking for a way to hex edit the money BUT the problem i have is checksum issues in which i want to learn how to find its checksum and change it... Money was easy to find but without know where the checksum is its rather pointless... Been going all over google about finding gamesave checksums or encryption but ppl will tell you what to edit instead of teaching how to find it....
    I am using Hex Workshop/HxD/Algorithm Tool/Horizon, i have both the BTLSave and the Profiles content within the BTLSave i have multiple save (4 to be exact) What im looking for is someone to point me in the right direction of finding checksums/encryption within the save file

    Upon hopefully finding help, i would be looking to edit cash and eventually editing stats within the game, i have managed to do generate checksum with Hex WS and im getting all types of algorithms but NONE are actually inside the save game itself so it must be something i am missing, i have done file compare so i know exactly what changed between the saves but so far im not finding anything of use.... If you know how to or know someone who knows about finding checksums let me know bc unless most of the requests im willing to put in the work bc i know i must be missing something but im not seeing it

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