Black Ops 3 DLC Game Breaking Glitches Left Unfixed.

Bullet Feb 5, 2016

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    Call Of Duty: Black Ops 3 DLC 'The Awakening' rolled out on the PS4 as a timed exclusive on February the 2nd 2016, and it is the first map pack for Black Ops 3.
    The DLC rolled out in a massive 9GB update on the PS4 which contained almost 100 bug fixes, changes and upgrades to the game. The DLC adds four new multiplayer maps, Gauntlet, Splash, Rise and Skyjacked which is a remake based on Black Ops 2 map Hijacked. Along with the multiplayer maps there is also a new Zombie map named Der Eisendrache.
    Whilst there is no doubt that the DLC is hugely popular, one thing that is very apparent is that the DLC is very buggy, some glitches have been described as game breaking.
    There have been many complaints about the game glitches to Treyarch and Activision, some have been fixed whilst other glitches which could be considered game breaking have been left.
    We interviewed UKF FREEMO professional PS4 player, founder UKF Gaming. UKF FREEMO has been pro active in reporting the bugs found in Black Ops 3 to Treyach and Activision.
    We asked UKF FREEMO what maps are the worst for glitches to which he replied "Gauntlet Now They Have Fixed Splash After My Other Video And Tweet to Activision."
    One of the glitches UKF FREEMO refers too on Splash allowed players to literally drop through the map. UKF FREEMO reported this glitch and within a couple of hours it was patched. "After I tweeted to Activision with proof of the bug on splash 2 hours later there was a update. Activision was not listening to the fans until someone with a big following mentioned it, then it got sorted" says UKF FREEMO.
    Whilst the glitches in Splash have been patched, other maps remain buggy and broken allowing players to get out of the map. We asked the founder of UKF Gaming what the worst glitch is at the moment, he replied "On Jungle you can reach a high ledge giving you a dominating position over the 'B' Bomb position, this is demonstrated in my video here"
    As you can see from the Tweet above, these glitches are being reported to Treyarch however UKF FREEMO doesn't feel that enough is being done to fix them.
    He feels miffed that these glitches that allow players to get out of the map have been left un-patched, while developers focused on taking things like the G-slide out of the game.
    Other issues that have been reported affect the Zombies portion of the game. A glitch in the game means when trying to cash in Liquid Divinium. Liquid Divinium is a new currency found in BO3 Zombies. These vials of goodness help power up Dr Monty's Factory in the main menu screen of Zombies. They are used to create "Mega" versions of GobbleGum. That is of course unless you fall foul of the glitch in the game.
    Players are reporting an error whilst trying to cash in the vials, this results in a loss of vials and no Gobblegum.
    "It took my LD off me but never give me any GobleGum, took about 9 Vials off me" Say's XPG Rocky in a complaint to Treyarch.
    Daily Challenges are also glitched. In some instances when the challenges have been completed, no XP reward is being given. This can be seen in the images below.
    Everyone I have spoken with about 'The Awakening' DLC, all feel the same, and that is the BO3 is broken and that the Treyarch and Activision are not doing enough to fix the problems. The truth is that along with updates and new content for games, there are usually bugs and glitches.
    You can do your part if you have found any glitches on BO3, you can report them on the official bug report form here.
    You can report bugs via Twitter to the Activision support. Take screenshots, or record the glitches, the more information you can submit the better.
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    Utter BS they don't care about us Games at all as long as they're getting there money in their pockets, Really disappointed with Treyarch.

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