Preview BioWare Teases Possible Mass Effect 3 Add-On With Screens

Rocky Jan 28, 2013

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    BioWare has been teasing what could well be the next Mass Effect 3 DLC on Twitter today, with a couple of images coming courtesy of Mass Effect Executive Producer, Casey Hudson and Mass Effect Producer, Mike Gamble.

    The first image teased by Hudson on Twitter shows a neon-drenched street known as the Silversun Strip, which is home to the bustling Silver Coast casino, where you'll presumably be able to go and gamble away a few credits, while the second image teased by Gamble on Twitter shows an angry Krogan warrior smashing a hammer-like weapon into the ground.

    Intriguing stuff, although for now there are no additional details on the what we're assuming could be the next Mass Effect 3 DLC. With these first teasers however, we'd expect an imminent announcement just around the corner. Stay tuned.



    Source - X360A

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