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XPGCaboose May 13, 2010

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    File Name: Bioshock 2 Modded Config Files/Bindings
    File Submitter: Caboose
    File Submitted: 12 May 2010
    File Updated: 28 Jan 2013
    File Category: Xbox360 Modding Tools

    I'm not sure where i should put this so if it's in the wrong spot i'm sorry guys. These are modded config.ini files as well as modded xex files. I did not create these files and i take no credit for them either. with these file you can enable god mode, unlimited money, teleport, and no clip mode. there is a read me in the online files folder. to use this you will need an ISO editor. i use magic iso. so here how you do it. first off you might want to make a copy of your bioshock2.iso before doing this edit since you are modifying the actual iso.

    open magic iso
    browse to and open you bioshock2.iso
    First overwrite ConfigINI.IBF to the multiplayer Folder
    then replace Bioshock2MP_Xenon.xex And Bioshock2_xenon.xex and final default.xex
    now burn the iso like you would any other iso

    For God mod it is Dpad Up Noclip is DPAD Down and recharge eve is dpad right.
    for god mod and noclip u must be the host of the match.
    for eve u can use weather ur the host or not

    A button=give $500
    dpad right=god mode
    dpad left=give EVE
    dpad up=Ghost(noclip)
    dpad down=teleport to where you are looking

    Here is the Link

    Note: You will have to reapply god mode after each level.

    Click here to download this file

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