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hansolo77 Dec 6, 2018

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    Hey guys!

    I've been out of the loop for a while. What's going on these days? Let me tell you where I'm at.. Years ago I modded the firmware to my drive to allow playing backups of games. That was pretty freaking sweet. Then I took it a step further and learned about JTAG. I had already updated the console so my only option was RGH. I got that running great, have a hard drive installed with a lot of games (actually, most of the drive is filled up with music so I can play Rockband/Guitar Hero). Anyway, the advantages to RGH means I could install and use trainers. Herein lies my confusion.

    Xbox One came out and I've drastically reduced my 360 playing. So drastic in fact that I've not done anything with it in over a year, maybe 2. I've been playing Red Dead Redemption II lately and remembered I had never actually played the first one. So I booted up the 360 to see if I had it installed. I did, tested loading it and it played just fine. Then I saw some other games I'd forgotten about and started playing those. Then I remembered I had trainers. Problem is, I can't remember how to make them work. I have a few different options I had installed. I found them inside the File Manager. One is called XPG Chameleon, which if I remember right was this forums dedicated "all-in-one" trainer that would detect the game. That one seems to be working right, but it doesn't really have a lot of games in it. Has it been updated to include more games, or maybe a way to have it download updated lists? Another thing I have is something called "XYZ" which looks like another "all-in-one" with some other games, but so far I've been unable to make that work. There is another one that I have, but every time I try to load it the XBOX shuts off. I've also got some dedicated folders to specific games, and what looks like a folder where I had created shortcuts to launch the trainer alongside the game. So far, none of these are working either.

    So long story short, I'm interested in maybe spending a little more time in the 360 scene. Make sure I'm updated on everything new that's been happening. And ultimately get my system back to working order, with trainers! Anybody got any pointers for me?

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