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vlRainbowDashlv Apr 28, 2014

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    Apr 27, 2014
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    I am here today to share my adventure of getting EVERY head in the game with you guys. This profile, "HERP DERP" has every special head, normal head, 100 gems and 21 yarn. This would not have been possible without my friend and another user on this site, thank you for helping me get every head to share with this community.

    Steps for using the profile. (TWO CONTROLLERS!!)
    1. Take your USB and configure it if not already.
    2. Download the profile below.
    3. Sign into the account you want the heads on on controller 1 or 2.
    4. Sign into "HERP DERP" on the other controller.
    5. Go onto BBT and load up a single player ball game with the two controllers.
    6. Go to the gift shop.
    7. Trade them all with yourself.
    8. Be happy!!!!!

    How to sell and duplicate them.
    1. Before steps above take the save and copy it to the desktop
    2. Do all steps above
    3. Load USB on computer and delete save on USB
    4. Drag and drop the copy to your USB
    5. Save and repeat
    6. Happy modding!!

    Hope you guys have fun with this save but don't overuse it and give everybody the heads. It will make the game less fun. This save is here to help anybody who finds it get heads and not spread them. I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY BANNED ACCOUNTS OR CONSOLES!!!!!!

    Be sure to give me Rep or whatever it is on this site(I'm new to this one), I'm the very first person to upload a COMPLETE profile!

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