Battlefield Hardline Beta Will Be On All Platforms

Bullet Sep 7, 2014

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    The Battlefield Hardline second beta will draw the battle lines in January and gamers on Next gen and older gen consoles will get access.
    According to Visceral Games General Manager Steve Papooutsis on Twitter the beta will be available on Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS4 and PS3 which is great news for those that have not yet made the leap to a next gen console.

    "Beta coming to all platforms before launch" says Papooutsis.

    As well as revealing beta release details during a question and answer session on Twitter, Steve also reveal some information about the game such as some weapons we will see and vehicles we wont.
    We also now know that the game will feature 150 ranks and that benefits for pre-existing Battlefield Premium members and Veteran Rewards will carry over to the new game.

    If you were hoping to see Tanks and Jets in the new Battlefield Hardline, then get ready to be disappointed because they will not be featuring, there will be some new vehicles making an appearance however along with some new weapons.

    The Ballistic shield will be making a return, and we will see the M1911 pistol and M416 assault rifle along with muscle cars, syndicate crew cab, mobile command post, armored rescue vehicle, SUV, utility van + more.

    Battlefield Hardline Multiplayer Footage:

    "First look at Battlefield Hardline’s highly competitive “Rescue” multiplayer mode. Live the true cop and criminal fantasy by being a member of a SWAT team, and rescue hostages using any means necessary." Multiplayer will see the return of Conquest and TDM, as well as 5 new game modes.
    As well as the new game modes there will be a new Esports mode and a spectator mode.

    Battlefield Hardline Single Player Footage:

    "This 12 minute demo is shot entirely in-game and is the first look at Hardline’s new style of storytelling, inspired by the most popular crime dramas seen on television today. Narration by Ian Milham, Visceral Games creative director." As you can see from the video below, stealth is key and you stand a much better chance of survival if you adopt a stealthy approach. You can also choose to use non lethal combat or just kill anyone that gets in your way.

    Source: Battlefield Hardline Blog
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