Battlefield 4 to offer free weapon 'shortcut kits'

Rocky Feb 20, 2014

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    Battlefield 4 owners will gain access to a range of 'shortcut kits' over the coming weeks, which will unlock weapons and upgrades free of charge.

    The packs will be rolled out as part of DICE's Battlefield 4 Player Appreciation Month, which will attempt to make amends for the game's rocky launch.

    The kits will allow users to unlock weapons free of charge. According to a post on the official Battlefield blog, the packs will allow "you to make up for lost time, or just catch up if you're new to the game."

    Meanwhile, those with Premium membership will gain access to an additional pack, as listed below:

    February 18 to February 24

    Shortcut Kit: Hand Guns
    Battlefield 4 Premium Shortcut Kit: DMR's

    February 25 to March 4

    Shortcut Kit: Grenades
    Battlefield 4 Premium Shortcut Kit: Shotguns

    Instructions on how to access the packs are available on the Battlefield 4 website.

    Battlefield 4's teething problems were so severe that a California-based law firm is pursuing a class-action lawsuit against Electronic Arts over allegedly misleading statements made to investors regarding the title.

    Battlefield 4's 'Second Assault' DLC pack was made available to Premium subscribers on February 18. The 'Naval Strike' DLC will launch in March.


    Source - CVG
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    Pretty rubbish what they're offering with the months of problems people and myself have suffered with BF4 they should offer something better than a couple of weapon packs.
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    Yeah I agree, Should offer free DLC like Map Packs but they're greedy like CoD ;)

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