Award Ideas

Rocky Aug 27, 2012

  1. Ro

    Rocky Guest

    Some of these might already be in the works but I'm not sure so here is a few.

    Please add your own ideas to this Topic.

    Award Name. Media Uploader

    Reason for been Awarded. Uploading Music, TV Shows & Movies

    Pictures on Award. Music Note, Film Reel & TV

    Award Name. Game Saver.

    Reason for Been Awarded. Makes/Uploads lots of Game Saves

    Picture on Award. Joystick, Memory Card

    Award Name. Super Modder

    Reason for been Awarded. Creates lots of Modded Saves, Game Editors

    Picture on Award. ??

    Award Name. Media Editor

    Reason for been Awarded. Posts News on Movies, TV Shows & Music

    Picture on Award. ??

    Award Name. ABCD

    Reason for been Awarded. Members going Above & Beyond

    Picture on Award. ??

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