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'Assassin's Creed Unity' Anro and Elise, a Couple?

Nasyr Aug 2, 2014

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    As you may have seen in the shocking new thriller of the new trailer, they have introduced a girl. You can find the new trailer here. The trailer is obviously CG, so it leaves some fans with some major questions. For example, you may have noticed when the trailer hits it's climax action point, you see the assassin flipping and kicking the gun out of one of the soldiers hands while killing the other. Is that just for show, or it that just a sneak peek of what's to come?​
    Now this leads me back to the girl he has saved.. Is she his wife, girlfriend, sister, cousin etc.. Who is she? And what effect does she have on the game? All I have been able to find on her is that her name is Elise. It seems from the video that crimes were committed and they were being executed and dumped off to the side. Seeing that an assassin saved this woman while she was about to be executed, I can conclude that she is another assassin that was caught. ​
    This game isn't just the next series, it's a whole new beginning.. What Assassins creed once was, is about 10x better then that. From the new assassinations shown in the trailers to the detailed playing styles, it's amazing. Now the character you see in the trailer is Arno. He became an assassin way back when the French Revolution first started. Arno was much younger and had no battle experience what so ever. This new trailer has aspired what once was to come back to life in the next game. I believe he will show his true colors and what he can bring to the assassins. ​
    This game comes out for Xbox One, PC and PlayStation 4 on October 28th, 2014. It will also introduce a few immediate special packs for those that pre-ordered. Elise, the new girl in the trailer is also one of the packs included. They expect and I expect high hopes for this game and what it has to offer in the next gen consoles. ​
    What do you think? Leave your thoughts and comments down below.​

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