Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag - Kenway's Fleet Ship Dupe [No Mods Required]

Aostyn1335 Aug 19, 2016

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    Okay so a few days ago I found a sort of glitch on AC:IV that allows you to dupe ships.

    You will need:
    At least two storage devices (required)
    ACIV for Xbox 360

    You won't need any modding tools what so ever but if you mess something up,
    it helps to have a backup

    Step 1: Disconnect from the internet on your Xbox 360

    Step 2: Load up AC:IV and pick the drive you use for ACIV normally, which I will call drive A

    Step 3: Find at least one ship and send it to Kenway's fleet

    Notes: I got my notoriety to max and sent the best man o' war to my fleet

    Technical information: Apparently while offline, it saves your ship in a sort of queue for when you load up Kenway's Fleet again online.

    Step 4: Exit to Xbox Dashboard, delete ACIV Save B from drive A, and copy ACIV save A to all other drive(s)

    Optional: Use USB in Step 4 and Horizon or similar to backup save A to computer

    Step 5: Reconnect Xbox to internet

    Step 6: Load up AC:IV and pick any drive except drive A. Go to Kenway's Fleet and add or salvage the ships

    Step 7: Exit to AC:IV main menu and switch storage device and repeat Step 6 until every drive except A has been loaded (not needed if you only have two drives)

    Step 8: Exit to Xbox Dashboard and remove ACIV saves from all drives except drive A (saves A & B)

    Step 9: Look at drive A and there should only be AC:IV save A. If there's a B save you either didn't delete B in the first place or you loaded it and you might have to restart.

    Optional: If you did mess up and you have a backup inject it from your computer onto the USB

    Step 10: Copy save ACIV save a to all other drives and do step 6-10 again until satisfied.

    Note to mods: First Post if I did something wrong please tell me.

    Sorry if I don't reply immediately, I'm kinda busy with a lot of stuff right now ;P
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