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Arkham Knight is out in January 2015

Rocky Jun 17, 2014

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    Batman: Arkham Knight will launch on Xbox One and PS4 in January 2015, says Rocksteady’s Dark Knight, Kevin Conroy. The voice actor let the detail slip in a recent interview.

    Speaking to Groovey.TV, Conroy said, "I have a massive game you might have heard of called Arkham Knight, a little indie game. It was supposed to come out in January, we've been working on it for a year and a half and it's still not done. So it's going to come out next January."

    Conroy plays Batman in all of the Rocksteady developed Arkham games, as well as the Batman: The Animated Series. It’s possible he may be mistaken of course, Arkham Knight was initially intended for a March 2014 release, not January.

    However, as a integral part of Batman: Arkham Knight - and in lieu of any official information - we’ll take it. We’re contacting Warner Bros. for confirmation

    Source - X360A

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