Apple iWatch to launch in Q3 2014 [Report]

ADDZ Apr 8, 2014

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    Apple iWatch to launch in Q3 2014 [Report]


    According to supply chain sources, the Apple iWatch wearable device will break cover in Q3 2014. It is said that Quanta Computer will manufacture the device while TPK and Richtek Technology will supply sapphire touch panels and chips required for the device. The processor of the iWatch will be designed by Apple apparently with production outsourced to Samsung.

    Apple is reportedly looking to produce 65 million units of the iWatch this year to meet demand sufficiently. There is not enough clarification on what the iWatch will feature, but past rumors have indicated that it will come with an array of sensors keeping health tracking in mind, much like most smartwatches that break cover today.

    iOS 8 is expected to come with support for a new app called Healthbook that will monitor your health parameters like steps taken, calories burned, weight lost and track vital signs like blood pressure, heart rate and other blood-related parameters like glucose levels. All this data would likely be obtained by the sensors on the iWatch. It’s safe to assume that the iWatch will sync data with the Healthbook app to provide up to date information on the user’s health.

    To maintain the shape of the wrist, the iWatch is expected to feature a flexible AMOLED display like the one used on the Samsung Gear Fit. Considering Apple’s ecosystem, we’re bound to believe that its smartwatch will have more of an impact on the market compared to other contemporaries.

    Source: iPhoneHacks

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