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vectrac20tsri Oct 8, 2017

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    Hey guys, I've been playing with xce for learning purposes, I downloaded a great guide from this site and have been able to find offsets for health/ammo ect, after resetting the xbox and reading the guide I come to learn the offsets I found were dynamic and tried to switch to the sister values with no luck only the C/D values changes in game ammo health.

    I tried C/D values in vs with a break point but as I read this wouldn't work and it didn't.

    I also read to search 40000000 - 50000000 but when I do this it literally takes hours, I ended up popping out and came back and it was at 60% after a hour and half and the system had shut its self down.

    Am I doing Something wrong searching specific memory points? I changed C2000000 - D0000000 to 40000000 - 50000000.

    Any help much appreciated.

    just switched to Ethernet and it seems to be moving along nicely now, still not sure if I'm searching right, guess I'll find out

    I found the offset between 4000000 - 50000000 but then the game crashed when i set a break point and shot ammo but VS did not break, I'm using a rgh not sure if that makes any difference as I'm not suing a xdk but VS still finds the xbox by ip

    I give up lol, I find the offset 0x40D18E8C, set as a newdata break point, shoot the gun and the game freezes as expected but nothing happens in Visual studio.

    Now this helps, breakpoints actually work and dumping the memory is so much faster, had to put it on my trinity as my corona is a 4gb model and it refuses to boot on my jasper

    Any one still in the scene? Could do with some help going from dynamic to static, I've tried the equation from the guide and searching sister values but no luck, If any one could help pm me thanks

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