Another Mirror's Edge 2 listing appears on Amazon

IIEvolution85II May 29, 2013

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    Retailer's Italian arm suggests game is coming to Xbox One
    Amazon Germany was also carrying a listing for the unannounced game last week, although it has since been deleted.

    The new listing (spotted by OXM) offers box art and release date placeholders, with the latter currently listed as January 1, 2020.


    It's not uncommon for premature listings on the retailer's site to reveal incoming projects, and the latest Mirror's Edge 2 listing will further fuel speculation that the much-rumoured sequel could be revealed next month, with EA set to hold its pre-E3 conference on Monday June 10.

    Former EA Easy general manager Ben Cousins appeared to confirm Mirrors Edge 2 In Development in November 2012 when he claimed on Twitter, "It is general knowledge in the Stockholm dev scene that Mirror's Edge 2 is in production at DICE."

    Prior to that, the CVs of DICE employees indicated that the game was in the works at the Swedish studio.

    EA senior vice president Patrick Soderlund said back in July 2011 that the company was working on a new Mirror's Edge project, but he refused to elaborate.

    It has been five years since the original Mirror's Edge released on Xbox 360 and PS3 in 2008. A PC version followed in 2009.
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