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t3fury May 19, 2014

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    This download is a cheat trainer for XBLA title 'All zombies must die'. This trainer has 6 cheat options including 'Infinite Health'. Trainer was created by t3fury for Team XPG: Xpgamesaves.
    All Zombies Must Die takes place in a small town overrun by a horde of undead freaks. There are eight different areas and four unique characters that you slowly gain access to as you get deeper into the game. The action plays out much as you would expect; you walk around with one stick, aim with the other, and tap the fire button to extinguish your foes. Zombies burst into bloody chunks when you pump them full of hot lead, but your weapons lack impact, which dulls much of the excitement. The pistol has erratic aiming even at point-blank range and the machine gun might as well be firing peanuts. Melee weapons are even more problematic. Charging up is the most effective tactic, but it's impossible to take the time to do so when you're surrounded. Crowds are an ongoing issue in All Zombies Must Die. A flood of zombies can unexpectedly rush at you, and if you're in tight confines, it's incredibly difficult to break free. Poor collision detection and obscured camera angles pile onto the problems in these moments, and because you often have to travel through narrow corridors to complete levels, it's tricky to avoid these cheap deaths.
    Sounds tricky right? Not with t3fury's cheat trianer its not, check out more about how to use the trianer, and cheat options below:

    Trainer Options:

    View All Codes - Dpad Down(x4)

    Easy XP/Credits - LB(x4)

    Inf Smart Bombs - RB(x4)

    Inf Health/Ammo - RT(x4)

    Inf Upgrade Points - LT(x4)

    How to Use All Zombies Must Die Trainer:
    Download cheat trainer and extract it

    Transfer To your Xbox via your usual method

    Boot All Zombies Must Die Trainer_Loader.xex

    Boot All Zombies Must Die

    Activate Trainer Start+Dpad up

    Activate Your Cheats


    Title ID 58411204

    TU 0

    Don't activate Easy XP till after the second section (police station) otherwise the zombies will not drop the needed hamburger. You can activate it in the 1st area (before the 1st gate) and get max level (15) and disable it before moving on to the next area which is what i'd recommend.


    Created By Me t3fury

    TeamXPG Sr

    - ADDZ - XPGObyto - Bullet - BxRKings - begallegal1 -

    - XPGSensi420 - GoldZ - alexkyori - f1l3gr3n -

    TeamXPG Devs

    Fadzitt - XPGAurora - Coder123 - RedHulk - JohnAKAGoldGiver - MastaOfEvil

    losparo - t3fury

    View attachment: All Zombies Must Die Trainer.rar

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