Aliens: Colonial Marines Removed From Steam

Nasyr Jan 4, 2015

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    Aliens: Colonial Marines, the first-person shooter has been critically bashed time and time again. Not only does the game lack of elements. But its lacks of game itself. From graphics glitches to repeated events, this game has failed it all. You move forward, open a door, and shoot some more aliens. And you continue to do that through out the whole game. Not to forget how bad the graphics are for how simple the game truly is. I mean what did they really work on for this game? I'm sure most gamers wouldn't mind its little graphics lackings but, there is nothing else to help keep the game with in reach of something you can call, good.

    The removal of both games could be due to the expiration date of various licence agreements between Sega and rights holder 20th Century Fox. Alien: Isolation, the latest title in the series, is still available to buy on Steam. Upon its release in February 2013, Aliens: Colonial Marines was panned by GameSpot reviewer Kevin VanOrd as a "shallow bit of science-fiction fluff with cheap production values and an indifferent attitude".


    Disappointment among fans led to a class action lawsuit which claims the game was falsely advertised at trade shows. Legal representatives for developer Gearbox claimed the studio had no responsibility in the matters raised by the suit, and in July requested that the developer should be dropped from the lawsuit. Then in September, publisher Sega fired back at Gearbox, claiming that the studio took liberties when discussing an in-development version of Aliens: Colonial Marines.
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