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t3fury Dec 18, 2013

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    This free download is a cheat trainer for Aces of The Galaxy on Xbox 360. This trainer was created by t3p0, Team XPG.

    About Aces of The Galaxy:

    Aces of the Galaxy is a downloadable rail shooter, developed by Artech Digital Entertainment and published by Sierra Entertainment for the Xbox Live Arcade. The game was released on June 4, 2008. The PC version is available on Steam

    Trainer Features:

    Dpad Down(x4) - View All Codes

    Dpad Up(x4) - Activate All Codes

    RT(x4) - Inf Health

    LT(x4) - Inf Bullet Time

    How To Use The Cheat Trainer:

    Download It

    Extract it

    Transfer To your Xbox via your usual method

    Boot Aces of the galaxy Trainer_Loader.xex

    Boot Aces of the galaxy

    Press Dpad Up+Start

    Activate Your Cheats


    Title ID 58410886

    Media ID 36D691EE


    Created By Me t3fury

    TeamXPG Sr

    - ADDZ - XPGObyto - Bullet - BxRKings - begallegal1 -

    - XPGSensi420 - GoldZ - alexkyori - f1l3gr3n -

    TeamXPG Devs

    Fadzitt - XPGAurora - Coder123 - RedHulk - JohnAKAGoldGiver

    MastaOfEvil - losparo - t3fury


    View attachment: Aces of the galaxy trainer.rar
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    Why does the attachment link for this trainer just take you back to the xpgamesaves home screen??? Can someone please re-upload this trainer?

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