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ytv Nov 2, 2013

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    Hey everyone I don't usually do requests but in the case I'm about to explain why i need to have this fulfilled.

    OK so on AC 4 everyone I'm assuming knows you can do dive missions for plans right?

    Well I just finished all of them however about half way trough doing all of this I checked my gear and my hidden blades disappeared and the blow dart from the main story is not being used when I try to use it even though it shows I have the dart...

    I have tried many trouble shooting steps and none of them are working so...

    I would like to know if someone has a save close to sequence 7 or on 7 or 8

    With lots of money( Rubies), the ship almost maxed out, all fortresses done

    Barely any assasinations done, 3 keys out of 5
    the save I have goes as follows
    52% main sequence, 30% side missions, 64% collectibles and 58% side activities

    Honestly it is a long shot to think someone has close to this (Everyone is probably done the game)

    Please let me know because without the hidden blade and blow dart I have to use hand to hand to assassinate......

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