Above and Out of Act 2 Chapter 2

XncsX Sep 30, 2011

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    Whats up everyone, xRYAN350x cP here showing you how get outside Act 2 Chapter 2 in the Gears of War 3 Campaign. Please note that if you have seen this glitch on xFinalKillax's channel, we found the same glitch and pretty much released it at the same time, so we are aware of each others videos on this particular glitch and have given each other credit for it. So please do not post any comments saying we stole anything. Even though there is a full tutorial in this video I will put in a text tutorial for those of you needing extra help.


    Step 1: Get to the spot shown in the video [The spot after you climb the latter and see the cutscene]

    Step 2: Have one of your friends go into the corner shown.

    Step 3: Once your on the sky barrier, run towards the second spot shown in the video where you must hold down "A" to run off the invisible barrier. If you've done it right your charcter should run straign off and land on the Out of Map floor.From here you can explore and do whatever you want.

    I hope you guys enjoyed the video and tutorial and I'll catch you next time.

    Glitch Found By - xAntiKillax, The Mega Save, xRYAN350x cP and xFinalKillax

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