A hopefully simple New Vegas request.

hanchogrande Jun 23, 2014

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    Jun 23, 2014
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    Hello, my name is James and I'm looking for some help with a hopefully simple Fallout New Vegas save file request for the Xbox 360. I've tried a few tactics at doing this myself, but I guess I'm just doing things wrong. Regardless, what I want is just a brand new character, a guy in Goodsprings with three or four perks that I don't want to have to put points into or work toward.
    The perks are: Cannibal, Ghastly Scavenger, Meat of Champions and optionally Fortune Finder.
    And I wouldn't mind a Recharger Rifle to start off with, but that's really unimportant.
    If anybody can just make this, please let me know. If you know more about this, please feel free to comment.

    If there's any other information I can add, or anything, just tell me so I know. Thank you in advance, whoever helps.

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