360Revolution Update Questions

LiveActionEvans Jun 3, 2014

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    Jun 3, 2014
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    I'm new to 360Revolution. I have gone through most of the tutorials and they all are different from the "new" Rev. What I'm here for is the download a couple game saves. I was looking for diablo 3 borderlands 2 etc. I followed one tutorial and he did a great job at explaining everything. I know its probably a dumb question, i just cant figure it out. How do i rehash and resign when i don't have the option the do so. if someone can post a screen shot that would be awesome. Also the "Save Sharer" i click on one and it says download complete, where does the download go i cant find it anywhere. Can i just drag them over to the Metro Form. If someone can give a clean tutorial on the new Rev it would be much appreciated.

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