$99,902.00 Nintendo Cart Sale Fell Through

Bullet Jan 28, 2014

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    You may recall we reported on the sale of a rare Nintendo Entertainment System Cartridge that sold for almost $100k, well it didnt go very well for the Ebayer in the end as it turns out the bidders were just annoying trolls. We have all been there haven't we, selling something on the popular auction site only to not get paid at the end of it and having to go through the process of getting listing fees credited back and its a real pain in the behind, but just imagine how the poor guy felt when he thought his rare NES cartridge of 'Mario World Cart' had sold for almost $100,000 only to find out that the bidders never had any intention of paying for the item.

    I'm not going to rant on about how Ebay's rules are flawed as I am almost sure you all already know that, but I am going to suggest you guys keep an eye out for two more cartridge games that have surfaced for sale since the first one we reported on.

    An ultra rare Gold NES World Championships cartridge has appeared online probably spurred on by the previously mentioned sale, I mean come on who wouldn't take their chances after seeing a similar game sell for a hundred grand eh!

    These Gold Cartridges were given out to Nintendo Power prize winners so there are not many around as you can imagine.
    This eBay listing ends on February 4th and is already well over $33,000.
    Also is another grey cartridge is up for auction too. Unlike the previous one, this cartridge has its label and seems to be in good condition. This auction runs until February 2nd, with the current bid currently standing at just over $7k

    XPG wish both of these sellers the best of luck !
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    you can make it a requirement to only sell to already good buyers, sorry but if someone with a brand new account and no purchases or sales says they will pay nearly 100k well then they are stupid

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