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Bullet Jul 2, 2014

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    Check this out, its your first look at Sunset Overdrives Co-Op multiplayer 'Chaos Squad'.
    Sunset Overdrive is a crazy looking game which can only be described as Tony Hawk meets Gears Of War as the multiplayer mode is a horde based game.

    Its an eight player co-op mode that lets players craft their experience by voting on a variety of mission types to tackle in the open world.

    All of this culminates in a massive line of defense which is header or easier depending on which mission you completed. If you win you will earn yourself some awesome rewards like cash, special items and even weapons that you can lug back to the single player game.

    So your playing single player, you drop off a grind rail strut up to the nearest photo booth and enter into a multiplayer game. In the multiplayer you will have the same clothing, in fact everything will be the same as it was in single player.

    At the start, you and your rag tag band of seven other players are going to get two mission options to vote on, when you conquer it two new options will turn up.

    The new ones will have different objectives and be in separate locations from the first round, resulting in a totally unique experience as you progress through the open world.

    After a few rounds of total chaos its time for you and your team to face off in the main event ... Night Defense.

    Night defense difficulty will all depend on how much chaos you and your team earn during the earlier rounds.

    In night defense you and your team will fight off hoards of enemies to protect your vats of overcharge by using your weapons, traversal and amps, but also by placing traps too.

    You will have time before each wave to place your traps and work out a strategy to protect your vats, but don't worry if you mess it up because you will be able to move them during the rounds.

    Now that you are all set up get ready for the onslaught of enemies attacking. You and your team of 7 other players will need jump, grind,shoot, blow up and generally kill everything you see until you beat the wave on attackers.
    No time to rest though because the next wave will soon be on its way and they will get harder each round.

    Bigger amounts of chaos equals bigger rewards, but it also means increased difficulty!

    Check out the official co op gameplay trailer here.
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    Great article but this game looks so bad, I won't be wasting my cash on this!
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    looks like an old sega megadrive game, no thanks not for me.

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