XPGgamesaves gamertag 04/06/2016

XPGgamesaves gamertag

  1. crz3 br0ad3
    rehash and resign the profile.to your console id<br />
    [​IMG]<br />
    Then drag the whole E0000314FA661947 folder into Partition 3/Content for Hard drive and Partition 1/Content for Memory Unit using either explorer 360 or xport360.<br />
    After Modding your account,<br />
    dont sign in to xbox live with any account. load mw2 goto xbox live<br />
    then u will be asked to sign in..<br />
    choose modded account, hit guide button if u get option to choose avatar<br />
    xbox live again and choose your real account<br />
    your tag should show as XPGgamesaves in yellow text