Splinter Cell Double Agent Online SPG.zip 04/06/2016

Splinter Cell Double Agent Online SPG.zip

  1. TheOrangeMatty
    On this Gamertag make a private match switch to Upsilon and then start the game session as soon as you start it while its loading sign out and sign in to your Gamertag and its going to say OK once the match begins press OK then it should return you to the main menu once it has press multilayer then press Xbox LIVE or System Link it doesn't matter which one then press custom match and start a private session playing as a spy with no bots on any map then once the match has begun hack two files and return them to your drone then you should get all online achievements for 400G!!!. (Please Note: This SPG will also give you a SWAT skin for the Upsilon team which cannot be unlocked normally but make sure you don't switch the skin or else the SWAT suit will disappear forever and the only way to get it back is to do the SPG glitch again.) Enjoy!!! :)