(Release} Silent Hill 2 SE 04/06/2016

(Release} Silent Hill 2 SE

  1. RedHulk
    How to Use?<br />
    Open 360Rev or horizon<br />
    Open ur save, go to contents and extract that save<br />
    open editor<br />
    mod what u want or just hit the max all button<br />
    hit save<br />
    add that modded file back in the save u took it from<br />
    rehash and resign.<br />
    ==============================<br />
    No need to create a backup, editor will make one for u<br />
    ==============================<br />
    So far it mods general stats and weapons<br />
    ===============================<br />
    please report any bugs, Also please reply back if u can carry more than what i have max thank you<br />