lego pirates of the caribbean 04/06/2016

lego pirates of the caribbean

  1. dr
    just collect the last gold bricks on the last level on chapter 4 and compass things on same level and ride all the boats<br />
    thes may unlock if you do what it says<br />
    <br />
    complete the last levels<br />
    complete the first level using the compass<br />
    complete the first level without dying<br />
    complete the first level with out collecting no coins<br />
    money achievement may unlock<br />
    run around the sea bed using the pirates<br />
    do 25 back flips with Elizabeth Swann<br />
    and more just follow what they say to on achievements<br />
    <br />
    wont unlock is the red hats and charcters

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  1. dj
    Version: 04/06/2016
    The save does not work its corrupted