DarkFall Xbox 360 Modding Tool 04/06/2016

DarkFall Xbox 360 Modding Tool

  1. EyesOnly
    Darkfall is an all-in-one Xbox 360 modding program made by Darkfall Modders. It is simple to use and has tools for modding an expanding range of Xbox 360 games. As we continue to develop it and receive support from the community, it will start to expand rapidly. We look forward to helping the community and all donations and profits go towards development to make better and more tools.<br />
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    Currently, the biggest tool is our Halo: Reach campaign save editor. It can edit things such as weapons, ammo, grenades, health, vehicles, and AI. You can even teleport yourself, any enemy, or any object on the map to wherever you want.<br />
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    A few tools we are hoping to release soon are a Halo Wars map editor, a Halo Reach credits editor, film editor, and usermap editor, just to name a few. The tools most suggested by the community will be made first, so feel free to give us any suggestions you have for new tools, features, or improvements.