Alien vs Predator Xbox 360 Theme 04/06/2016

Alien vs Predator Xbox 360 Theme

  1. 4daforums
    Alien vs Predator Theme. To use this theme you will need a Xbox 360 Transfer cable and the program XPort 360. (There are other ways to do this with a memory card or a SATA cable but you will have to locate those instructions online). Connect your 360 Hard Drive to your transfer cable and PC then un XPort 360, find your drive and navigate to the directory below. Once there place both files in the folder. Then place you Hard Drive back in the 360 and your new custom themes will be in the Themes section.<br />
    <br />
    Partition 3<br />
    Content\0000000000000000\FFFE07D1\000300000\<br />
    <br />
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