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      Nashon XboxRainbow
      i need a modded dungeon defenders save pls i know how to make it work and i need the link to the other one
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    Jul 7, 1977 (Age: 42)
    Las Vegas
    To introduce myself.<br />I'm a Gears of War fan.. addict really.<br />I was big into Halo and excited for when Halo 4 is released.<br />I play Dungeon Defenders a whole lot on Xbox 360 and Steam.<br />I give away game saves and have sold custom mods before by that I mean both hardware and software.<br />I wish I could learn everything I wanted with a click of a button like in the Matrix but sadly that's not reality... yet.<br /><br />I made some game save editor UI's in VB.<br />Nothing too fancy yet.. but trying to get there.<br /><br />I get trolled often by people who don't understand me or some of the things I do..... so much that I made my own forum for people like me which has grown to 600 members in the last few months.<br /><br />I'm hoping I find support for my video game hobbies and love here at XPG<br /><br />P.S.<br />Here's one of my favorite videos which I'm still working on:<br />http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Toi9K2gaoss


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