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    For those of you that don't know me, I am a modder who has specialized in modding Valve games for about 5 years now. My main game I mod is Team Fortress 2 on the Xbox which was included in the game known as "The Orange Box". I have come to this website because I am going to be modding L4D2 in the following months and I will be releasing these mods. The main reason why I am going to be releasing these mods is because I feel as if the only person who has done something I personally thought was interesting was CRACKbomber and everyone else has the same generic crap, so hopefully when people see what can actually be achieved with this engine, the bar will be raised a bit. Expect never before seen content such as a graphical mod menu, custom gametypes, unused entities, tons of effects, tons of viewmods, new custom skins, totally modded menu dialogs, various Vscripts, etc.<br /><br />As for anyone who knows me from TF2 please note I will not be releasing my TF2 mods because first of all I have 5 years of work put into them so I really don't want a leecher running around with about 7000 configs (no offense). Second, I gave 50 people mods one night on TF2 as a test and the game went to **** so there is NO WAY people would be able to handle my mods on that game without killing the online =/.<br /><br />For an example of my mods you can go to: www.youtube.com/TeenageGnome


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