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    Oct 26, 1977 (Age: 40)
    Hamilton, Alabama
    <p>My first gaming console was a Atari 2600 and shortly there after I got a Commodore VIC 20. &nbsp;I then got into Nintendo and Super Nintendo. &nbsp;Around the age of 12, I built my very first PC after my step-dad moved in and he had a computer and I wasn't allowed to play on it. &nbsp;I was delivering newspapers to save up money to buy PC parts. &nbsp;I also used local computerized bulletin boards to post I was needing to purchase computer parts. &nbsp;I had built both a 286/33MHz with Math Co-Processor and a 386/16MHz, both with about 4 megs of RAM and around 127 Meg hard drive a piece. A friend of mine from the bulletin boards told me he had gotten a Packard Bell 486/33MHz SX and would give it to me for $75, I just had to put it back together. &nbsp;I built that and found it could handle NON-Parity/NON-EDO 72 PIN RAM up to 1 Gig. &nbsp;It only had one 72 PIN Ram slot on the board and had 8 Megs of RAM built into the motherboard. &nbsp;I went to a discount computer parts fair in Springfield, Illinois, at the state fair grounds and found a guy selling NON-Parity/NON-EDO 72 PIN RAM. &nbsp;When I got there he had 1 Gig NON-Parity/NON-EDO 72 PIN ram chip left marked at $12.00. &nbsp;He didn't want to sell it because it was his last one. &nbsp;After I agreed to give him $32.00 he sold it to me. &nbsp;I then purchased a SEGA Genesis and a SEGA Genesis CD that same year along with a GameBoy and a Super GameBoy Color. &nbsp;A year later I purchased a Playstation just so I could play Mortal Kombat Trilogy and WWF Attitude. &nbsp;About that time the Playstation 2 had been announced. &nbsp;I didn't purchase one until around 2002/2003 when a friend introduced me to SmackDown VS RAW. &nbsp;I purchased every SmackDown VS RAW title for PS/2. &nbsp;It wasn't until around 2010, that I purchased another console. &nbsp;I did a lot of PC gaming and loved the fact that I could MOD the games easier on a PC. &nbsp;I purchased a XBox 360 after my brother brought over his PS/3 and WWE 13. &nbsp;I got to looking online and found there was more MODs for WWE 13 on the XBox 360, then there was on the PS/3. &nbsp;Also I could use the MODs on a retail console with the Rehash and Resign tools. &nbsp;About 6 months later a friend of mine who owed me money brought me his XBox 360 PHAT and purchased a MOD Chip kit for it. &nbsp;I sent it to a guy I met online in Detroit, Michigan, and he installed the chip. &nbsp;So, now my 2nd XBox 360 is modded. &nbsp;I now own 3 Nintendo Wii's (All Soft Modded) and 4 XBox 360's (1 Fully chipped modded, but all are flashed Soft Modded.) &nbsp;My kids use the Wii's and 2 out of my 4 XBox 360's.</p>


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