1. muffintastic
      Looking for an individual who can design high quality posters for in game recoveries, this would include ALL the COD'S, GTAV and Halo 3 (Xbox 360). For payment you will get two free in game recoveries of your choice. Please PM ME some of your art samples.
    2. Alien8
      Alien8 muffintastic
      Hi buddy, just to let know I tried your Wolfenstien 3d save, and it only popped the "I am death incarnate". I did try it on two accounts and offline. Unfortunately no Blazkowicz-ed achievement. Thank you for trying I was certainly hoping this would pop as its my last achievement for this game.
      1. muffintastic
        Hmm what I'll have to do is re-do the entire game and save the game on the last mission on each 6 episodes..
        Dec 15, 2016
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    3. muffintastic
      Sometime in the next 2/3 weeks I will be starting up recovery services for COD (Xbox 360 Only) and GTA V money lobbies (Xbox 360 Only)
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      1. ToxicGas

        welcome back! Cant wait to see your service back up, A lot of members have been requesting these.
        Nov 3, 2016
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      2. muffintastic
        Looking to get a KV sometime this week and a weeks stealth time ASAP, I'll keep posted in the appropriate forums.
        Nov 3, 2016
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      3. IH8UALL
        Welcome back. Removed your thread like you requested. Good luck!!!
        Nov 3, 2016
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