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    Dec 22, 1997 (Age: 22)
    Kitchener, ON
    Hello fellow XPG members!<br />My name is Homework, also known as Chris.<br /><br />I am 17 years old and love to use the Xbox systems.<br />Let's start off with some of my hobbies, shall we?<br /><br />Hobbies:<br />- Gaming<br />- Programming<br />- Hacking<br />- Modding<br />- Cheating<br />- Reading (sometimes)<br />- Socializing with friends / Hanging out with them<br />- Writing stories (no I'm not homophobic)<br />- Playing with wires in gaming systems<br />- Taking apart things<br />- Hanging out at XPGamesaves<br />- Chilling outside<br />- Catching animals (mostly snakes)<br />- Listening to music<br />- Playing my electric guitar<br />- Making Music<br /><br />Now that we got some of my hobbies down, how about 21 Questions?<br /><br />21 Q:<br /><br />What's my favourite food? - Chicken, Hamburgers, Kraft Dinner<br />What's my favourite XB360 game? - Currently Skyrim<br />What kind of animals/creatures do I love? - Snakes &amp; Cats<br />What do I do on my spare time? - Play my Guitar<br />Will I date you if you're a girl? - That's inconvenient<br />What gender am I? - Male<br />What types am I into? - Humans<br />Do I mod? - Yes<br />Do I hack? - Yes (RAT, DDoS, DoS, SQL Injections, Bruteforcing)<br />What system do I mod on? - Xbox 360 (mainly) and PS3<br />Will I hack you? - lOLwut<br />What's my favourite snack to munch on? - Chips (junk food)<br />Am I rich? - Depends. Will one million pretzels cover it?<br />Do I own any pets? - Yes. A beagle<br />Do I wish I were allowed to have a snake at home? - Yes (very much)<br />What OS am I running? - Windows 8.1<br />What iOS am I running? - 5th Gen iPod Touch (8.1.2)<br />Is my iPod jailbroken? - Yes (TaIG)<br />Is my Xbox taken apart? - No, I have an RGH.<br />Will I mod games for you? - Depends. Xbox modding is expensive due to KV's.<br />Do I love XPG? - Obviously &lt;3<br /><br />-------------------------------------------------<br /><br />That's my profile!<br />Feel free to hit me up with any type of request you want!<br /><br />PM me if you're interested in me modding a lobby for you, or maybe you even want to add me as a friend.<br /><br />Xbox Live GT: N/A currently<br />GameCenter name: xxxrigsymodzxxx<br />PS3 Name: k1ngqu33n<br />Steam: xxprojectbulletxx



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