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    Aug 29, 1991 (Age: 28)
    British Columbia, Canada
    Sorry for being a leecher, I usually don't post, but I am starting to remind myself too.<br><br>
    I'm an avid gamer, I love to enjoy life and party. I do fun and whatever that might be. I'm currently playing 10+ hours of Xbox every day which after work is basically the entire day, but it's a hobby and an addiction that we all love. I think XPG is the Fecal Leaking. It allows me to fully enjoy my purchases. I recently bought DMC Devil May Cry, and legit- I wasn't having much fun at all, but the instant I popped a maxed out Starter save in and resign/rehashed, the game transformed into something that was cool and interesting enough for me not to regret my purchase. I've been using gamesaves for dozens of games lately and others tools/tricks that I find on here and I want to thank everyone for their contribution into the site, lots of blood/sweat/tears into the work I find and it's always A-grade gamesaves.<br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br>
    In 2010, I hosted a Minecraft server back when it was in Beta from my home router. At that time server hosting wasn't as common as now, which gained me small fame on the game, to the point where every so often someone would notice my username in the crowd. I spent most of 2010 working as an administrator or moderator on various popular servers on my free time after work. It was interesting to see the game grow from being in it's Alpha and Beta stages, and then the ongoing development into what it is now.<br><br>
    I spend most of my time now playing Xbox, working, writing, creating music, and partying.<br><br><br>
    Crown 0f Thorns
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